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Helsinki investigated the climate load of workplace canteen meals – the carbon footprint of food was revealed with a new calculator 2022-08-04
The City of Helsinki's Canemure subproject sought to find out the carbon footprint of the restaurant (Ravintola Merta) in a new office building in Helsinki. The goal was to be able to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint.
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The City of Lahti brings energy efficiency to renovation – check out the new videos 2022-08-04
The City of Lahti is looking for low-carbon solutions for planning renovation projects for residential blocks of flats and terraced houses. In the houses of Lahden Talot, concrete climate measures are also implemented as part of the renovation of buildings.
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Hyvinkää's Hangonsilta residential area was designed on the basis of sustainable mobility 2022-08-04
The design of Hyvinkää's Hangonsilta residential area was based on supporting and promoting sustainable mobility. The planning of the area took particular account of walking and cycling opportunities, as well as the accessibility of green areas.
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Carbon footprint data supports climate-smart procurement 2022-08-04
As part of Helsinki achieving carbon neutrality in the Canemure project, a study on the application of the carbon footprint in public procurement was carried out. The purpose is to help suppliers to understand the role of carbon footprint calculation and the opportunities and challenges it brings for setting the climate criteria for procurement.
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