Hinku Award

The Finnish Environment Institute has awarded Hinku achievements since 2012. Hinku achievements are selected from among the measures carried out by municipalities in the Hinku network. They can be efforts carried out by the municipality, a company, an organisation or an individual. The awardee receives a certificate and publicity.

List of all the Hinku award recipients

Hinku achievements are chosen based on criteria such as:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Other advances, such as improved energy efficiency and energy self-sufficiency, economic benefits, an increase in employment, an increased sense of community, improved comfort of use and living, positive health impacts or other improvement in well-being
  • A pioneering and active approach
  • Collaborative effort
  • The dissemination of information and practices that reduce emissions

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Published 2020-04-14 at 11:27, updated 2024-02-06 at 10:26
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