Hinku partner companies

Companies and expert organisations working in the energy and climate sector are welcome to join the Hinku network.

Benefits from Hinku partnership

As members of the Hinku network partner companies:

  • get to participate in a network of pioneers in climate change mitigation
  • establish contacts with other players in the field
  • receive information and support for emissions reduction
  • can participate in separately funded research development projects
  • gain visibility for their own work, products and services.

Please contact the staff for further information.

Hinku activities are supported by the following companies:

Company Services provided by the company
AFRY Management Consulting Oy – AFRY X Smart Forestry Forest and green areas’ carbon calculation services, forest management and planning software, management consulting

Calefa Oy

Energy systems utilising waste and environmental energy
Carboreal Oy  
Devoi Oy (in Finnish) Management consulting
DigiTapio Oy  
Forus Oy Property business consulting and funding of energy investments
Green Carbon Finland Oy Carbon footprint calculation, domestic compensation and emission management expert services
Hiilinieluntuottajat HNT Oy (in Finnish) Greenhouse gas emission compensations
Hukka AI Oy Reducing food waste and kitchen systems
IML-Aeroseal - Ilmastointimittaus Lind Oy Sealing of air conditioning systems, investigation work, consulting, measurement and adjustment work
Ilmastoapu Oy (in Finnish) Emission calculation, climate education & guidance and emission compensation
Innotek Oy (in Finnish) Water saving services
Inegro Oy Reuse of mobile phones, computers and other IT devices
JAMIX Oy Reducing food waste and kitchen systems
Kiteen Mato ja Multa Oy (in Finnish) Reed based culture mediums, mulch and bedding
Knowit Insight Oy Management consulting
Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj Circular economy, property, environment and industry services
MuniFin Financial services
Nanopar Oy Processing and productising waste water treatment plant sludge to recycled fertilizer and soil conditioner
OptiWatti Oy  
Ownwell Chemical-free cleaning of properties
Positive Impact Finland Oy Climate leadership software to help build carbon neutrality roadmap
Raaseporin Energia Oy (in Finnish) Energy production
Rapal Oy Software and data services for use, development and management of built environment
Reforest Oy (in Finnish) Greenhouse gas emission compensations
Santa Claus Village Travel services
Sitowise Oy Urban planning solutions
Skarta Energy Oy Carbon neutral energy production planning and implementation
Tehomet Oy Light post and mast production
Wassis vedensäästö Oy (in Finnish) Water saving services
Yara Fertilizer production


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